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SHIP launches discussion paper »
Safe Home Income Plans (SHIP), the trade association for regulated equity release providers, has published a paper launching a discussion aimed at redefining equity release to meet today's social and economic challenges.
Viewpoint »
Packagers have come a long way since the days when lenders paid an extra fee to help them out with their chaotic administration processes. The term Packaging has stuck since that time in the late eighties. That's all packagers do isn't it? Collect bits of paper on behalf of inefficient lenders?
Are we ready for the next challenge? »
The past few months have been extremely difficult for anyone working in the mortgage sector. Not for many years have lenders been so restrictive as to the types of borrowers to whom they are prepared to lend money, nor have they imposed such restrictions on the amount they are prepared to lend, either in terms of affordability or as a percentage of the value of the property.
Professionalism and mortgage advice »
December saw the publication by the FSA of a report on its progress reviewing the retail distribution review (RDR) for investment businesses. It has to be emphasised that, at present, the matters contained in the review are only proposals and may of course be adapted as the FSA moves through the process of consultation.
The credit crisis and mortgage professionals »
Few people could have anticipated that a problem first identified as an American issue involving sub-prime mortgages would very quickly escalate into a worldwide economic incident that could perhaps be the most significant economic incident ever.
Introducing additional products »
Like many prophets of doom, I have suspected for some time that the market conditions to which we had become accustomed were unlikely to prove sustainable. Property prices had risen too quickly and the levels of debt taken on by many individuals could only be serviced whilst interest rates were kept to historically low levels. None of that, however, clearly signposted the problems that we are now facing, with house prices falling, the market stalled by a shortage of product and funds, and rising borrowing costs and inflationary fears causing many people real financial difficulties.
Regulatory News May 2008 »
Regulatory news bulletin for May 2008.
FSA issues on mortgage advice »
There have been two documents from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in recent weeks of particular interest to firms in the mortgage market. A newsletter was issued to regulated firms in March and the retail thematic work plan for the next year was published on 7 April. Both of these documents are of interest because they provide clear pointers to the issues that are of particular interest to the regulator and should, therefore, be at the top of our business priorities.
The mortgage market and the role of equity release »
It is sometimes said that all publicity is good publicity but at a time when housing and the mortgage market make the front pages of the national press on an almost daily basis there might be many who wish for a prolonged period of stability, when many of the doubts surrounding the market can be shown to be less frightening than is sometimes being portrayed.
Professional Pointers January 2008 »
Regulatory news bulletin for January 2008.
Responding to the needs of the market »
Responding to the needs of the market
The role of ethics in business »
The role of ethics in business
Payment protection insurance »
Payment protection insurance Payment protection and mortgage payment protection are short-term general insurance products that are designed to provide a monthly income to enable the insured to keep up loan repayments in the event of inability to work because of accident, sickness or unemployment. They are sometimes described as ASU policies. Normally they are limited in time to the period of the loan or to age 65.



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