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New high tech study texts

CII study texts in ebook format allow you to study on the move using your tablet, eReader or smart phone, whilst reducing your paper use.

ebooks are delivered via RevisionMate, the CII's online study tool, and are compatible with most portable electronic devices including Android tablets/smart phones, Kindles and iPads/iPhones. They can also be viewed on desktop and laptop computers using appropriate EPUB/Kindle reader software (required).

Please note:
• ebooks are not pdf files and cannot be printed.
• the reading experience will depend on the portable device used or the reading software installed, if viewed on a computer.

Additional benefits include:
• Portability - study on the move and when using a printed study text isn't practical
• Reduced paper use - paperless study reduces your impact on the environment, ebooks are delivered electronically through RevisionMate.

Depending on the device used, ebook features can include:
• Annotation tools - these include the ability to add notes to pages and highlight key points
• Easy navigation - interactive contents page and search function help you pinpoint content
• Quick web link access - related articles and resources can be accessed with a single click
• In-built dictionary - definitions for unfamiliar words
• Read-aloud - available on some supporting devices, allowing increased accessibility.

To view how the book will look on your device, You can download a sample chapter using the link to the right of this page.

Note, the CII do not provide technical support for electronic devices or ereader applications.