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Notes to results

Details of all aspects of the results process, including how to read your result notification are available below. Please note these details differ slightly depending on whether you have taken an examination online or on paper

On this page:


For exams taken on paper, results are issued by first class post on the date of release. You can obtain your result at from 08.00 on the date of the release of results. This is a candidate-only secure service and will require you to identify yourself before being granted access to your results.

You will be required to input your:

  • permanent identity number (PIN)
  • date of birth
  • candidate number, as shown on your most recent admission permit.

For security and Data Protection purposes results will not be issued by phone, fax or email.

For exams taken on computer (online), your provisional result notification will be provided immediately on completion of your examination and your confirmed result notification will be posted within 7 working days of your examination.

Pass marks

The nominal pass marks for each unit are shown in the table below. Please note, all pass marks vary from examination to examination to take account of the relative difficulty of examinations presented to candidates, ensuring that the pass standard remains constant. All candidates who reach the required standard for the appropriate exam will pass. The CII does not operate a policy of setting a quota of candidates who will be passed.

Unit Nominal pass mark
Diploma and Advanced Diploma written examination units    55%
Diploma multiple choice examination units 65%
Certificate and Award multiple choice examination units  70%

You do not have to pass all the questions to achieve an overall pass grade, you simply have to gain enough marks in total to reach the pass mark.

Result Notification

For an explanation of your result notification, please see the appropriate PDF below. Please note, for written financial planning exams the explanation is provided on the result notification itself.

Multiple choice examination units
Pdf icon small Understanding your multiple choice exam result notification


Diploma in Insurance
Pdf icon small P21 »
Pdf icon small P86 » Pdf icon small  P61, P62, P63, P64, P66, P67, P90, P91, P93, P94, P96, P97, P98 »


Coursework units
Advanced Diploma in Insurance: Explaining your assignment or dissertation result notification »

Financial Services (except AF8): Explaining your coursework assignment result notification »     

AF8:                                        AF8 Explaining Your Assignment Result Notification

The coursework element of mixed assessment (Diploma in Insurance): The feedback is the mark you achieved on each question within the assignment.

Original content and referencing:  The originality of your assignment and use of referencing can affect the marks awarded:

  • Did your assignment have a high reliance on sourced content, rather than your own original analysis? – the deeper the level of understanding demonstrated, the higher the marks that can be awarded. Please be wary of ‘copy and pasting’ material.
  • Was sourced content referenced and cited? Would it be clear to a marker which content was your own work? – credit is given for identifying relevant content from Chartered Insurance Institute study texts and further reading; but it must be clear when sourced content is used, and when your own analysis begins.

Please see the respective Coursework or Dissertation guidelines and instructions document(s) and this short video Watch full video now » for details on how to reference.


Record of achievements/certificates

Record of achievement (ROA)

A ROA will be issued for every unit passed. These will be sent directly to you, within 28 days of the release of the results for paper based exams and within 15 working days of the release of your confirmed result for online exams.

Completion of a qualification

For paper based exams:

If you have completed a qualification, the completion certificate will be sent directly to you within 28 days of the release of the results. The application forms to apply for the appropriate designation will accompany your result notification.

For online exam:

If you have completed a qualification, the application forms to apply for the appropriate designation will accompany the completion certificate which will be sent directly to you within 15 working days of the release of your confirmed result.

Replacement ROAs / certificates

These can be supplied for a fee per ROA or certificate. They will include wording that shows they are a replacement. Please contact Customer Service for full details.


For written examinations

The CII has a very strict system to check that all the pages of your exam answer book are accounted for, properly marked and the marks totalled correctly.

Examiners are selected for their relevant and up to date knowledge and experience and have been specifically trained to mark exam papers in accordance with carefully laid down criteria.

If you are worried that your handwriting might not be legible, please note that our examiners are very experienced in deciphering handwriting and are keen to ensure that you are given full credit for all the valid points you have made.

The CII adheres to a positive marking policy to ensure that candidates are treated fairly. Full marks are given if a candidate has provided a complete answer according to the marking scheme. Full credit is also given for alternative answers that are equally valid but not given in the marking scheme.

Marks are not withheld for bad spelling or untidy handwriting. If a candidate has attempted more than the required number of optional questions and has not indicated clearly which answers should be disregarded, all the answers are marked and the best marks are awarded.

For questions involving numerical calculations, the bulk of the marks are awarded for the correct method being used; only a minority of the marks being awarded for the final answer.

Quality assurance processes are in place to ensure that marking is accurate and consistent and that exam standards are maintained over time.

Answer books cannot be returned to you under any circumstances.

For multiple choice examinations

A standard format multiple choice question consists of a problem followed by four options or answers (labelled A, B, C and D) from which the candidate must choose the correct or best response. Each question contains only one correct response. One mark is awarded for each correct response identified. No mark is awarded if the candidate chooses an incorrect response, chooses more than one response or fails to choose any response. No marks are deducted for an incorrect response.

A multiple response format question consists of a problem, followed by between four to six options. For each question more than one option is correct. Candidates must select all the correct options to gain the mark.

Online examinations are automatically marked by computer. The pass mark is pre-set.

Quality assurance processes with inbuilt checks are in place to ensure that marking is accurate and that exam standards are maintained over time. Where delivered on paper, all multiple choice answer forms are marked by optical mark reader, whose programme includes a number of checks to eliminate the possibility of misreading.

Answer forms cannot be returned to you under any circumstances.