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Employer signatories

A growing number of firms from across the sector have already signed up to the 2016 Commitment.

By so doing, they have demonstrated their intention to embed its principles into their businesses by the end of 2018 and therefore articulated their support for raising professional standards and improving consistency of customer service across the sector.

Initial signatories to the 2016 commitment are:

Standard Life


Scottish Widows

Phoenix Group
  NFU Mutual

Old Mutual   


A message from employer supports of the 2016 Commitment

Over the past year, we have listened carefully to feedback from all sources and analysed the challenges facing our sector.

Our conclusion is that now is the time to act, publicly and with one voice.

We call upon our peers to join us in committing to a common framework for professional standards, and to implement these standards by the end of 2018.

Our employees rightly expect to be supported in the development of their careers; our customers expect to receive professional service; and as businesses we share in a desire for a positive reputation for our profession.

By placing a public focus on professionalism, and committing to shared and public standards we will realise our vision to: 

  • Build a confident, trusted profession
  • Deliver consistently high standards of conduct and competence which help create better outcomes for customers
  • Provide career paths that attract and retain talented people

We believe our proposals are ambitious but realistic, and call on our peers and colleagues to ensure they are fully implemented.